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I'll be there. I won the Music For Relief auction tickets with the backstage tour and seats by the soundboard. CAN'T WAIT!!
anyone hear about m&g yet?

I'll be there...saw them at MSG last friday night, and will be going again tomorrow night, sitting in the reserved section for LPU members that purchased pre-sale. 

I got an email the other day saying the I was selected for the M&G, which I've been waiting for a few years to get picked for, so I can't wait for that.  With that being said, hopefully the show isn't cancelled, but if so it is what it is and understandable.  Hopefully he gets better soon, and the shows are rescheduled rather than refunded.

hopefully the show isn't cancelled, but for their benefit, maybe its not a bad idea so chaz gets a couple more days rest in.
I still hope it happens! Me and my friends have been planning this FOREVER :) but i hope chaz gets better as well
i just checked ticketmaster...according to them, the show has been cancelled.
I just saw it too! I am so disappointed! Yet the band hasnt confirmed. Should we wait for that?

salvatore spurge jr said:
i just checked ticketmaster...according to them, the show has been cancelled.
Im going to cry

they released information about the D.C. cancellations on FB at like 10 pm EST so wait like 3 hours and you will know the answer.


From the looks of it though, I mean if it was just a one day sick thing then fans would be blown if it just took one day to recover and a whole show was canceled over that.

I had M&G though, what happens now? Do i not get it if they come back around?

i had it too, and based on what has happened with other m&g's, we have a 98% chance of not getting it the next time they come to CT. unless the new system is really different, if you were picked for a M&G and your show gets cancelled they still count you as getting picked; so when the next show comes around, you have a slim to none chance of getting m&g again. there are some who have gotten really lucky and gotten m&g for another show, but most people who get it once don't get it again. 


i really want someone to get in touch with HQ and try and get them to give DC, CT, and cincy kids priority for M&G's on the next tour. some of us were first-timers this tour, and to not get that chance again considering these specific circumstances is completely unfair.  

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