New idea leads me to new discussion. I'd like to talk about which song you think is the most emotional song LP ever made.
So, in my opinion this song is ''Breaking The Habit'' of the album ''Meteora''. I guess everyone here knows what the song is about and what the intention of it is. I can really understand how hard is sometimes was for Chester singing this song live but he always did it very well. I also really have to thank Mike for writing such a great song for Chester. That definetely proved how good Mike does know Chester and how deep this friendship is. Talking about the video I just can say it's awsome. I mean I heard that it was the most expensive video prduction LP ever had. This music video is so freakin' awsome. I think it finally was the best for Chester to talk about his past this way and now he hopefully is a free spirit full of creativity.
With all that being that: What is your most emotional LP song?

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Breaking the Habit, Pushing Me Away, etc, etc.
Alot of sings are emotional. They saved my life. I guess some are Shadow of the Day, Breaking the Habit, Pushing Me Away, and many others. These are the most emotional.
OMG...braeking the habit, valentines day, shadow of the day, pushing me away, from the inside, numb, crawling...there is no end in sight ;-)
My December
oh i heard it the first time, i just started to cry and it gaved me goosebumps. :-)

Daniele Rodrigues said:
My December
oh forgot BLACKBIRDS :-)
well i think points of authority is one of the most emotional songs linkinpark has made till date
Leave out all the rest, or Numb, brilliant
According to me the most emotional songs are Pushing Me Away (piano version), The Little Things Give You Away and My December.
I totally agree with Breaking the Habit. It was my first LP song, and the catharsis was amazing.

Other songs I think are really emotional are Somewhere I Belong, Numb, Easier to Run, Leave Out All The Rest, Given Up, Shadow Of The Day, and Part Of Me.
Breaking The Habit all the way! For me, that is the most emotional song by any artist.
Krwling, My December, Pushing Me Away.
..But although the unofficial songs are emotional. She couldn't for example.

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