Music Video For Linkin Park 2014 • Demo Reel by Rey Romano (Cebu City, Philippines)

To Linkin Park & The Fans:

Hi all! Happy Christmas? And a Merry New Year! 


:-P lol


My name is Reynante Romano..  I am from Wisconsin, but was born in Cebu City, Philippines..

As I'm clearing out my email..  I had forgotten that I had an account here at their LP site.. And wondered if there was going to be a concert for the Philippines performed by LP. Sure enough, it brought me tears to see, my favorite band is going to be in Los Angeles! Hell fucking yes! And I was just in California visiting a relative.. My first time being in Cali, too, and now I'm back here in amazing awesome negative degree temperature of Wisconsin weather! 


Anyways..  Maaan..

I've always dreamed of making music videos for numerous musicians. Especially, Linkin Park.. A music video that reflects how I see things after the darkness that has taken over the Philippines.. Would make for a cool upcoming music video for me to direct/film.. The vision I see is very evil. Yet it's the light of love that stands strong..

But yeah..  


Below is just handful of my work.. So please.. Enjoy! Send me you address and I'll mail you some butter filled popcorn. Caramel is limited..


My outlook after the Typhoon:

I try to keep positive with what has happened in the Philippines, yet, I wonder why lives are taken at such random times from the brutality of Mother Nature. On a brighter note, I see it as a cleansing for the fortunate souls to be in a much better, more beautiful place in the after life. On a negative scale, for most if not all, unfortunately, we are the ones to clean up the aftermath. But even so, I hope that we begin to really value and appreciate the beauty of life a lot more from such violent tragedy. Because you never know who Mother Nature will take next...

Until next time.. Enjoy and love what you got, because it aint going to be there forever.  Once I get communication back with my relatives suffering in the Philippines. I can't wait to pay a visit there for a couple months.

Enjoy my work..  And God bless.

Reynante Son Romano – Martial Arts Digital Photography Reel – Cerbral Palsy Jeff Prins (Philippines) • 2 of 3

I used the song "We Made It" by Linkin Park. My friend from the Philippines survived a car accident miraculously, and decided he wanted me to make a music video about motivation and share keys to surviving whatever life throws at you. – Cerbral Palsy Jeff Prins • 3 of 3 

Song by Trip Lee "I'm Good"

Filmed at my friend's High School where my friend made the most of his life. – Break Dance (High Speed)

Shot at 120 fps to 1000 fps

A fun very lively energetic room filmed of talented break dancers. Also shot in one day due to my busy schedule with work. This was the only time I was able to meet up with the guys. If any project I film, even if it's in just one day, I do whatever it takes to make the most of it.

Take care all, and hug the person next to you right here..  Right fucking NOW.


Peace. – Heavy Metal (Cain & Abel)

This was shot in one day. I wish I had three or four days on this project, but it was the only time I was able to meet up with the band, and the only time the band was able to gather at the specific location. in the Brain!  (Break Dance)

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