Since hearing the two songs the first time, this is the picture that gets painted in my head and, after several months of marinating it, I have only refined it.  This is a brief rundown of what I believe would be a powerful music video for WJL and Iridescent.  This is the shortened version of the full script which includes many more details.  Let me know what you all think, please (It helps if you listen to the songs while you read this):


Song: "wisdom, justice and love/iridescent" by Linkin park
Ideally would start with 2 dimensional camera for first song and go to 3D HD camera for iridescent (symbolic of our evolution through pain and loss.)

Black and white retro (wisdom justice and love) Pastor giving eulogy in a Church at a funeral. Medium shot that Slowly backs out down the main aisle to a full/long shot then fades to a tv in the living room as the songs transition.

(iridescent first verse)Fade transition. Crosscut between rain falling at a military funeral(straight shot) and (medium low angle with light pouring in through windows. Low angle is to look up in respect to spouses, especially those that have lost so much) wife sitting at the kitchen table writing a letter. Extreme close of marines hands folding the american flag (hands symbolize what will never let go and never let you down.) Close-medium shots of the wife writing wife is writing the lyrics of the song "You were standing...."(close up of words being written.) flash to a marine deployed in combat (first chorus)

Scene in house is soft light (peaceful) while the desert shots are bright but are tinged with dirt and heaviness (conflict.)


Second verse and chorus are a flashback of the couple's lives together: getting married, having their first child, along with him leaving for deployment.


"burst of light..." starts ied blast and conflict in slow motion while tears start to run down the wifes cheek. "let it go..." and bridge continue combat scene.

"do you feel hope..." cuts back to wife then back to combat as she breaks down.

"let is go..." drawn out returns to the house. Lens widens to show son coming from the living room to check on his mom. Folded American flag and picture of husband on the mantle in the background. Wife drops to her knees and hugs her son to remain strong and realize her husband lives on through him. Reaction shots of the mom holding her son dearly and the son too young to completely understand but viewer gets a sense that he does. Camera moves to mantle and zooms in before fading to black. Dedication to fallen troops ends the film.


I'm very interested in the community's feedback of this as I often can't think of anything else when listening to the album. 

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