if you could make a video for any lp song that doesnt have a video which song and what would the video be like?


i'd do Iridescent and this would be the video:

It would be about two teens one boy, one girl who each are living a rough life(seperate lives not bf/gf or siblings), anyway they runaway from home and apparently go really far and they find themselves in a lanscape with green meadows, rock formations, caves, waterfalls and other things like that. The 2 teens walk around exploring and thinking about their lives back home. They eventually meet up at a hill and watch the sunset as the song ends. The LP members would appear in the video as well with each of them alone and playing their instruments in several of the mentioned places

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I think from ATS would be Iridescent. The video would be like:


having footage of people who have experienced obstacles (loss of a loved; surviving a natrual disaster, etc..) and how they overcomed their pain and suffering to helping others out.

for example:A family that has lost a loved one (their pain of loss from a loved one) and how that loved one has saved someone (by donating an organ).  Or someone that had overcomed obstacles in their life and now helps people out. Or even possibly showing MFR helping people out after the Haiti earthquake, rebuilding houses after Katrina, etc. and of course LP will be in the video!

Iridescent is a very beautiful song, very positive message and I would love for this song to be released as a single and video.  Now I know why this was considered to be the first single off of the album. <3 this song, the melody, the sound.  The songs message of Hope is inspiring.  One of LP's best songs,

That is very HT/Meteora-like

I'd do The Little Things  Give You Away. It would be an animated 2D video in black and white!

I'm doing a music video of "welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses for class.. I've run out of ideas and i need some help.
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Like this

Sounds nice :) Iridescent does have a video but it's very dark and nothing like the lyrics. I like your idea :)

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