My Iredescent Cover.. ( not full version ) .. Given up and .. Rolling in the deep ( not full version )

Check em out! :)

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And my screeaaammmsss!!! Muhahahaa
i like iridscent
Thanks :)

You sing Iridescent really well! (I think that style of singing really suits your voice :) :) :)) :) :) :) Good on you! :) :) :) And your scream of 'wrong' in Given up is great - and 'Put me out of my misery' is pretty great too (you sustain them well!)! :) :) :) Brilliant!

My favourite scream of yours out of the 3 you posted in the replies was Scream voice 2 - had a really cool feel somehow, even cooler than the other two! You scream oh so much better than I do! Maybe you can give me screaming lessons? ;) :P :D Might be hard via internet, though :D :D ;)

Thanks for sharing your singing and screaming - your Iridescent-style singing is really beautiful and well done and your screaming is great :) :) :) Look forward to hearing any original stuff you come out with :) :) :)

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