Hey everyone! I've been a huge Linkin Park fan since Hybrid Theory and even met Mike Shinoda once. Since then I was inspired to start my very own band, Ode To No One. We just joined a competition sponsored by the Grammy's! If we get enough amplifications (plays) we can have the opportunity to have our song heard by professional sponsors and artists, one being Linkin Park! Please support us and give "Savages" a listen through our Grammy's Amplifier page, and if possible please share the page. We appreciate any input or suggestions. Thanks so much! http://grm.my/T2RcIt

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Watch Scary Movie 5 Online Streaming

It’s been six years since the last scarey motion-picture film arrived in theaters. Given the amount of horror films that are created since then, director and co-writer David Zucker ought to have masses to figure with for the fifth film within the Wayans Brothers-founded franchise, that parodies scarey movies. ( Watch scarey flick five on-line ) BlackFilm.com denote associate degree update on the feature, that is ready to arrive in theaters next spring, stating that scarey flick five has begun production in Atlanta, and mentioned that Simon Rex was among the actors returning to the film, connection Ashley Tisdale, Terry Crews, Marisa Saks, true heath Ash and Lindsay immortal. Rex’s character George was introduced within the third film because the love interest to Pakistani monetary unit Faris’ Cindy. As of the fourth film, George was dead, however he appeared in flashback. while not Faris’ Cindy, it ought to be fascinating to envision however George fits into the story here, assumptive he’s enjoying George. maybe he’ll be originated as a brand new character. however given the trend of undead/supernatural creatures in recent years, perhaps George can come back as a zombie or a evil spirit. something is de facto doable here.

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