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Linkin Park never disappoints, and "Living Things" is living proof.

It's simple, but Bennington's repetitive "Ohhh" on "Roads Untraveled" is oh-so-good

i must say u guy did really dmn awesome songsssssss and i cn't even sleep without lstng ur song

and i hope nxt tme lp will rtrn wth LIVING THING -2



I really am on the fence about this album... At first glance I couldn't exactly pin point what I was expecting... It wasn't until the 2nd listen of the album did I start getting into some of the songs... "Lost in the Echo" is a great opener for the album... The structure is solid but still surprising... The next 2 songs follow suit until "lies, greed, misery"... Then, I'm taken aback and on the edge of my seat for more... "I'll be Gone" is an appropriate follow up single if they don't decide on "Lost in the Echo" which I can only hope... "Castle of Glass" is a totally different approach to anything I've ever heard from LP (is that an accordion)... Delightful! "Victimized" bounces me off the walls... Love it! "Roads Untraveled" and "Skin to Bone" felt like filler tracks... Didn't really grab my attention... The samples used on the tracks were kick ass though but lyrically impotent... "Until it Breaks" is "Wretches & Kings" 2... Versatile rhythm switches that are exciting until the final coloborative chorus... Kind of like a buzz kill... "Tinfoil" is a great intermission...and "Powerless" is "numb" structure all over again which isn't a bad thing at all but I kind of wish the lyrics were "Powerless to it all" post chorus... It might be obnoxious to critique lyrics but it's just what my sub conscience wanted to hear... But not that challenging that expectation wasn't necessary... Just maybe not at the end of the album when i want to feel most comfortable... Overall the album was short and a little underwhelming... Not because it was a bad album but because unfortunately LP sets extremely high standards for me... I have been a fan since I first saw them live for $18 w/ Taproot at the house of blues in Chicago for their first album... My favorite band I can't help but be critical of... Their albums are not far from perfection to me and all the scrutiny that comes with that must be hard... I've loved every album they've ever released... That being said... I LIKE this album... But I don't LOVE it... Maybe I just haven't got to know it well enough... One thing is for certain... As long as LINKIN PARK continues making albums, no band will hold my excitement and anticipation more... And although this serves as my least favorite album by them... It doesn't mean that the majority of the tracks are kick ass! It's just when comparing to their predecessors, it's pretty hard to compete... That's my slightly critical review... Love the music you guys make! Always will! and by the way, if you're reading it's and you have yet to see them live... They only get better each year... Best concert I've ever been to was "a thousand suns" tour... I drove all the way to Atlanta, GA to see them... Why they're not coming to FL for their upcoming tour, I don't know...WHY!!

great review,one of the best I've read.

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