My view on Linkin Park Live @ Rock Werchter 30.06.2011

Yesterday I went to see Linkin Park at Rock Werchter. As I boarded the train to Leuven I was already thrilled for what awaited me there. The days before the event I listened to all the albums and made a remix/mash-up of some LP songs, to prepare myself for the big moment.


I arrived at Rock Werchter with my friends and scouted the whole area. I was shocked by the size of the area. After an hour or so we finished scanning the area and ate something.

Then we started listening to Seasick Steve. That man was just awesome, I mean, for a seventy year old man he sure can throw a party! His selfmade guitars are just plain awesome too, just like the guy himself.


After that The Hives were in. They were really energetic and got the whole crowd saying 'Yeaaaah' all over again. I also like how their fancy outfits are a big contrast to their personalities. The outfits make them look like they are really calm and grown-up while they are like a bunch of kids having some great fun. Really cool!


Then it was Anouk's turn. Although some magazines are blaming her for not talking so much with the crowd, I don't blame her. She delivered a good show, sang very well and had the whole crowd going. I saw people dancing to her music. When there was a emotional song, I saw couples hug eachother. I mean, if you see that, then you know that the music is good.


The third artist/band I watched, were Queens Of The Stone Age. They were very good, their guitar solos were really nice. Also the joke that Josh Homme pulled off was really funny. He said: I don't drink anymore ... but that doesn't mean I'm gonna drink any less either *takes a bottle of alcohol and starts drinking*.




After an explosive finale of Queens Of The Stone Age, the moment of glory arrived. It was Linkin Park time. Although there was a delay of 15 minutes, they still delivered an amazing show. The crowd was also pretty wonderful to say the least. The crowd of more than 80.000 people joined the band on every song by singing every word. I was standing like 10 metres in front of the stage. I saw the band enjoying themselves and after one song they even applauded for the crowd. It was a great time.





After the closing song One Step Closer, the crowd just started applauding endlessly. The band threw some stuff at the crowd (drumsticks, t-shirts and of course Mike's bottle of water) and greeted their crowd. They all put their hands on their heart, showing that they loved playing at Rock Werchter.


Chester stayed on stage and greeted his fans one last time. He waved at the whole crowd and made a funny yet touching 'jump' for them before air kissing them goodbye. It was really nice from him to do that. It really felt like they had a wonderful time.


I went home after that and stayed up for 2 more hours, thinking about the great day I had. Guys, if you read this:

I really appreciate what you did yesterday, I applaud you one more time for an awesome show. I support you guys in any way possible not only because I like your music, but because you are great persons. You care about your fans (LPU and non-LPU fans) and care about other people (f.e. Download To Donate). I hope (although I'm pretty sure about it) that you guys had a great time playing at Rock Werchter.

Hopefully we'll be able to see you again next year. God bless you guys!

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It was amazing! :) They need to come back next summer!!

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