There has been a bit of trash talking in this forum called bagging on Dana Carvey and LP's SNL performance. I thought it was two great performance from LP but these old farts doesnt think that way. Looking for LPU members to help.







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LP are seriously the best! idiots who don't see that are totally psychos! x-( , but I don't care bout what they say cuz, heartly, I know LP's the best!


I kind of had to laugh at the comments. Obviously those people are too superficial to understand the profoundness of the lyrics.  Like you said, it's trash. Unfortunately you can't prevent bored people who don't have a life to just hate something. It's okay to dislike something. Taste is not questionable. But I really don't understand how some people just have enough time and energy going around spreading hate just about anything. It's pure stupidity. I used to get really really upset at anything bad that was said against LP, but I try to pay less attention, and I really hope that LP does too, because we all know how fantastic they've been and still are, and that they are still millions of fans out there. But I'm also in high spirits right now because I got my tickets for the next concert in Europe. I feel so lucky.
You both are right. Thanks for making me look at it differently. I am also looking forward to their Los Angeles show. LP's music is so powerful. If only everyone can experience an LP concert it would be a better world. Have fun.

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