Please read. I'm not claiming to be better anyone just want to state my case. I saw LP in MN in January of 2011 it was a great show aside from the fact that the next morning after the show I checked my email and saw a email from the LPU saying I had been selected for a meet and greet. You can see how upset I was over this. The morning after the show I find out I had a chance to meet LP but missed it. My first email LPU sent went to my spam I was to later find out and the second one which I read arrived at 12 on the day of the show(I was not checking my email that day) so I missed it. I tried to move on but everytime I pop in any Linkin Park cd all I can think about is how I missed my chance to meet my heroes. I'm just looking for help in bringing this to LPs attention and praying that I can get a second chance but I have no way of getting this message to them. Please please please Linkin Park read this message! Even if I just get a response saying no I don't care I just want want a second chance at a meet and greet. Please LP please! I have been a fan for as long as I can remember. Please give me a second chance. Thank you to anyone and everyone who can help me with this or offers any suggestions.

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Don't worry, this won't be your last chance! Try the next time they are in your city or somewhere you can go! You will sure get a M&G this was not your last chance! Keep you hear up ;)


I will try. I guess patience isn't a virtue for me lol. It seems like it will be forever till they come back to anywhere near Iowa. I better renew my LPU membership.
If you are going to renew, then do it today, because there is a chat with Chester tomorrow!
Thanks for the heads up will be sure to. Need to ask him about how much truth there is to him saying they are hoping to release their next cd sometime early next year.

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