Hi everyone!

Okay, I have a few questions regarding the album which is being said to be released this year.

So, what time will it be released in Australia, I heard something about summer, but that is in America or something because our next summer month is December and that's a year away...

Anyway, also are their any other details or infomation I should know about this album?

Oh, one more thing, you know how they sort of changed their style (I find it is not bad :) ) in their concerts though, do they still perform songs like "given Up" or other "heavier" stuff because Chester is getting older and they have also changed their sound.

So if these could be answered that would be great!

Thank you all, internet hugs!

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when they say summer, this means June - August :D

nobody knows any release dates, so stay tuned 

about the style. ATS was an experiment, the new album will be different, in which direction... nobody knows :D So that's all I guess :)))

Ah thank you! Very helpful answer!


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