LP is taking much time to complete this album. I think that will help them to make another nice and heavy album. I heard mike is catching up with his raps again. Thats  good because in MTM it was not so distinct. No question they take a lot of time for records but they make great albums which makes them a great band. Hope they complete this within this year.

note: i don't want people to tell me that 'they ( LP ) are going to lose fans' or 'mtm was very disappointing'. so those of you who want to tell me those or almost the same stuff please don't comment.

I said LP is taking much time not that they should not take ,so don't be confused.

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M2M is a beautiful album, with songs like shadow of the day...
Go. Back to Yhe old style 

Zach said:
Cillian said:
Zach said:
Personally, I don't care what it is, I want it. I HATE pushbacks and this has been pushed back, last year they said "first quarter of 2010" and the first quarter is almost over! Ugh. :/

There has never been an actual release date for this album, just rough estimations.

I know, I never said they had a set date I just said they said the first part of 2010.
i agree, but it took me a long time to realize how amazing, ,powerful, profound, deep, full of emotion, and how ground breaking it was. i actually hated it and thought that it was "the worst LP album." but i had to realize that people evolve and so does their taste in music. after about two years of listening to a crap load of different stuff i came back to the album and said to myself "damn this is sick." MTM was the first major step they took in breaking away from the what has already been done, and that alone makes the different than most bands!!!

I heard that the new album will be a bit more electronic and might be coming out in september. Thats supper good news for me cas i've been listening to more techno and electronic music in general!!! I just hope it comes out b4 christmas. c:

karenlim said:
M2M is a beautiful album, with songs like shadow of the day...
anybody seen this before . cool huh.

i´m so happy!!! i cant´t wait for the new album!! o yeahh coming soon "a thousands suns"

Satyaki Sarkar said:
anybody seen this before . cool huh.

THE CATALYST is great . Good to see they are back with a new sound.
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I have no idea why u guys so dissapointed of m2m .It was an amazing album. Also catalyst is a great song not as good as in the end or papercut but very good

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