Hey how do yo think the new album will sound?

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wtf??? hell no
not with this bull sh*t techno vibe to it
It's going to be a rave album. It's going to suck to all the core fans who aren't d*ckriders
joseph said:
wtf??? hell no
not with this bull sh*t techno vibe to it
It's going to be a rave album. It's going to suck to all the core fans who aren't d*ckriders

ah... "d*ckriders." Always a pleasure when we see such open-minded, humble people with respect for each others' opinions on this site.
no i dont, i think it will be alot different but in a good way
i think the catalyst sounds awesome!!!
men if you think that electronic is techno then you dont understand nothing about music.
thhe electro moments on the catalyst are pretty nice.
when i listen the catalyst for the first time i say it too:RIP LP
but if you listening to the song 3 times or something the songs just RULE!!!
well after 10 years of the same songs we get a little bored of em, so a few new songs with the old style would be awesome, or even a hole album :D

Jacrid said:
LoL @ people who want HT- / Meteora - Style:
Just LISTEN TO HT & Meteora then!
They don't want to make the same things all the time... why can't you guys accept it?^^

I like every Album of them and whatever comes next, will be awesome too.
Here is what I wrote on my blog which I'm waiting to get posted:

Yesterday I attended a secret Listening Party for 'A Thousand Suns' at Warner Bros records in Burbank with 19 other LPU members. We were told we could blog about it so here is the scoop. The listening party we had was from 5pm - almost 8pm tonight. It was partially video taped on camera & photographed and we were told might be used for a future LPTV clip on this site and Youtube. Jessica and Adam from LPU were the on-hand coordinators. We were taken to the second floor into a listening room along with LP's managers and quite a few record execs. We were also given a 4 page survey to fill out for each of the songs; our initial reaction and our rating for each song, our top fave songs, etc. We were told that aside from the band members, their family, a few record execs and a few music journalist...we were the first "outside" people to listen to the album and that this was a special occasion to remember. And it really was!!! The album was played from beginning to end in a dimly lit room while we ate pizza and drank soft drinks.

Now about the album... The album is sick!!! Simply put, I was blown away!!!! If u take all the good elements of every Linkin Park album and mash them up, you get a lot of the sounds that create 'A Thousand Suns', yet there is a a new refreshing way that they have created these layers of sounds. There's something here for every LP fan. There's more Joe Hahn scratching, electronica, hard beats, etc...Mike does some of his best rapping especially on the hard hitting, hip-hop inspired 'Wretches and Kings' which was a favorite among the group of us. The beat on this track is awesome; def makes you want to move. You also get Chester doing his screaming/singing on 'Blackout' minus the scatting you hear on the LPTV video. That song just about showcases all the guys! Rob is also captured drumming nicely on a few tracks much like on 'The Catalyst'. The only musical element missing was the loud guitar riffs from Brad and Phoenix like you heard on 'Hybrid Theory'. Their parts are lost/blended more into the layers of music but they are there.

My fave track was 'Waiting for The End!. It was insane!! I can't wait for that track to be released! Mike raps with conviction and Chester blends in his singing and the music is a fusion of Beck-style beats, electronica with a reggae-rap fusion. Sounds crazy but it was sooo good and it works!! All the LPU members there agreed it was one of the best songs. Its a mixture of music never heard of before and especially never played by LP. I asked and the Warner Bros head person in attendance, Grover (didn't get his last name), confirmed that this would be their next single!!! The moment I heard that, I got excited and I told Grover and everyone there, that in my opinion this song WILL BE a number #1 hit for them on the radio and the song will become a classic for them. Everyone there nodded their head and agreed. The opening title song is called 'The Requiem'. It's amazing - but its more of an instrumental interlude than an actual song and it opens up with the verse from 'The Catalyst' "...God save us everyone, where we burn into the fire of a thousand suns...." but sung very slowly and in an almost feminine Enya-like voice (we blown away when told it was Mike's voice but tweeked). That opening interlude gave me the chills because I knew I was being introduced to a special sounding album. The album builds on this opening song and goes into a story-like selection of songs ala Pink Floyd. The interludes were short and almost unnecessary. They were not your classic LP instrumentals. Instead, they used powerful sound-bytes of speeches made by Martin Luther King Jr and one sounded like JFK, yet another one was in Latin (Jornada Del Muerto) which I could not understand. Again, these interludes were not really necessary but they were "interesting" and used nicely to tie some of the songs together so it gave the album a more 'interwoven' feel. In my opinion, 'The Catalyst' was one of their weaker songs (after listening to the whole album) which is great news for some fans who have been gripping about how "different' they sound. 'Iridescent' was their most "vanilla" song. It was a soft, slow, beautiful song but not very "experimental" like the other songs on the album. It sounded like it could have come straight from the Minutes to Midnight CD which is not a bad thing. The only song I disliked was the last one called 'The Messenger'. It was a stripped down acoustic-like lullaby sung by Chester. It almost sounded like Brett Michaels 'Poison' song. I guess every great band needs to sing a lullaby but I just felt the album should have ended with a stronger song. However, one of the LP members made a good point and mentioned that the album takes you on a musical journey of layered sounds and finally leaves you with nothing in the end which is why that song fit in with being so plain and stripped away of sound. These were my faves in order:

1. Waiting for the End - their next single - rap/electronica, reggae fusion. Amazing stuff! Easily a # 1 hit.

2. Wretches and Kings - Fort Minor mixed with LP - Shinoda rapping at his hard-hitting best. Another hit!

3. Blackout - Chester doing his screamin thing along with everyone else showcasing their stuff (Mr. Hahn scratching, Brad and Phonenix on guitars, Mike singing/not rapping and Rob on drums). Will be a hit BUT the last half of the song slows down which confused many of us as to why they changed the tempo of an near perfect old-school style LP song.

4. Robot Boy - an awesome slow song sang by Mike - very multi-layered & unique sounding. My fave 'ballad/slow song' of the album.

5. Burning the Skies - the first real song on the album that introduces you to the new LP sound that no one has ever heard of. Great song.

6. The Requiem - the best intro/interlude on any previous album of theirs - much better than 'Wake' or Meteora's Intro. Mike's feminine-like voice will give you the chills because it sounds so unique

To sum it up....The world has no idea what is coming their way with this album and its going to come at them fast and hard!! I dare to say that this album is probably their best ever and one of the best by ANY band or solo artist - artistic-wise! LP has created a new sound/style unlike anything you've ever heard; the lyrics are poetic and world-influenced (some group chanting, tribal beats) and the beats are unique and cerebral...you can dance..mosh...rap and sing..to these songs. You will see what I mean when their second song, 'Waiting for the End' drops - that song defines what this album is about!! If you can make next week's listening party...GO!!

Tonights listening party ended with a Q&A session on our opinion of the album. All but one person liked the album. 2 were indifferent. We then requested that they play 'Waiting for The End, Wretches and Kings, Blackout and Iridescent', which were the songs that everyone loved. They did and at that point, EVERYONE agreed that at second listening, the songs just stood out as being special and insanely good. Then, Grover brought out the two versions of the CD/album (a plain jewel case version and the foil/shiney deluxe version thats on this website for pre-sale) and let us browse the booklet and covers. They told us it had just come in from the factory and we were the first peeps to see the new CD. After this we asked about next week's listening party event and here was the scoop on that...we were told the Listening Event for next week is going to be in a big venue (not yet chosen but based on how many LPU members request tix) and everyone should be getting email confirmations on the details of it "in a few days". They said it was being produced by Mike Shinoda and will have a lot of multi-media imagery, pics and art to go along with the laser show. Its suppose to be a very arts and sensory listening experience. A few of the band members will be on hand to answer questions from a select few LPU members, afterward which will be broadcast. They are still not sure how these LPU members will be chosen for the Q&A part. We were all invited back for this listening event as well...lucky us!!

To go along with our experience, we were given a WB Records gift bag. In it I found 2 'A Thousand Suns' promo posters, 3 LPU pins, an LPU bracelet, the Breaking the Habit DVD/CD combo and full unwrapped copies of Reanimation, Road to Revolution, Collision Course and Live in Texas!!! Nope - no copy of the new album.

In closing, I want to thank LP and LPU, Linda, Jessica and Adam for this amazing once in a lifetime experience! In my opinion this album will solidify Linkin Park as the of the greatest bands of all time and perhaps one of the greatest albums of all time. Im lucky to have been a part of the pre-celebration!! I hope everyone enjoyed this review....

Lance a.k.a Reborn
Thank You Lance Brandauer. Your review sure sounds GREAT.
men, if the catalyst isnt the best track on the record then the album IS FUCKING BRILLIANT .


Reply by Zane Liu on January 26, 2010 at 4:15pm
well from what i've heard...i'm going to say it's going towards a electronic futuristic but hard rock sound. Based off of new divide, what they've said in intervies, some of mike's remixes (LOATR Remix and What I've Done Distorted Remix) that's what it sure sounds like. Idk if i'm right...but i've got a pretty good feeling it'll be like that.


another news:
sounds like the singles from ats are:
1-The Catalyst
2-Waiting For The End

proves:check out this post:http://www.lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=5173

Everybody knows that with lp is always 5 singles Why?? too much gold shit.
Glad you enjoyed the review! I have a more detailed album review on a blog I posted here but its still up for approval. Check it out soon. Regarding the last post about the bands 5 singles: I wouldn't be surprised to see 'Wretches and Kings' as their 4th release. Damn, that track is hard hitting! To check out a sound byte..watch the 'Meeting of a Thousand Suns' trailer that was posted on the Main Page today and its the hard hitting electronica-bass song that Mike starts rapping to. It was my second personal fave track.
It's definitely a different sounding album compared to Hybrid Theory or Meteria, ( don't have M2M), But I really liked New Divide a whole lot. Just wondered why it wasn't on this new album. I've listened to it several times to get into it, but it's definitely a very good album. This is basically what I've always called 'Cyber Punk'.

so its been a while since ats dropped

so i think this record suc.....

just kidding its the best record they ever done after hybrid theory

i do honestly think this

Best moments on the record:


-Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me

-Wretches & Kings

-Wisdom,Justice & Love/Iridescent

-Fallout/The Catalyst/The Messenger


Worst Moments On The Record:

-Waiting For The End


Best Songs on the record:

-When They Come For Me



-The Catalyst


Worst Songs On The Record:

-Waiting For The End


Hybrid Theory Album is epic!

Nothing to say about it.

A Thousand Suns is an example of evolving music.



There new stuff if really experimental for them I like it

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