Hey how do yo think the new album will sound?

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When the album is finished...

_BTT_ said:
yes, i agree with u that LP is always the best . but can anyone tell me when will their new album be published ????
I enjoy the way that the band's music has matured and developed through the three albums - each has its strengths and each is outstanding in its own way. They say they've been working on this new material for a couple of years and I think we can be sure that this will be something very different, in fact, i heard Mike say on LPTV that a new genre will have to be created when the new album comes out. Isn't that just mouth watering...
everyones like i want the album to be like HT and meteora but to be honest if they had the same type of style of music throughout their past 3 albums they wouldn't have as many fans and we would eventaully get tire of the same old thing. i'm happy with their albums, but i do have 2 admit i often like listening to hybrid theory and meteora but there are still rlly good tracks that are diff. style on MTM :D
I hope so! I like Hybrid Theory, but I prefer Meteora than Hybrid..perhaps because it was my first LP album!!
now that they already passed the experimental period i would like it to sound kind of like hybrid theory sound and with the even more deep and intense lyrics from meteora and minutes to midnight!!!
but the truth is i can't wait to listen to it!!!
LPRulez!!! pnx
Face the fact that they will never go back to their old stuff because nu metal is a dead genre, not because they are evolving...........
Yes maybe a little bit, but not all of them
Well i think Linkin Park always do great albums
and whatever they´ll do Im gonna love it XD
Whatever they do, I will accept it by any means.
Well, HT and M is outstanding and stick to our heart really fast, however, it is easily to get bored with it (in my opinion).
It is opposite to MTM, MTM is hardly accepted by the fans (because it is not like what they'd heard before). It's hard for MTM to stick into your mind but I'm sure when it did, MTM won't be easily kicked out of there.
I loves HT, M, but if LP would do anything like this once more time (a new album). I'd be very disappointed.
I won't mind something like MTM for once more time. But I prefer something new.
New album would be HT + MTM (chester said it) <= this is amazing.
Well we have seen diferents parts of LP with the old albums
I think that with this new, it will be great if:
it start with something smooth like minutes to midnight
then somethig like HT
and then finish with songs as meteora.
I think xD
Well if they're going more electronic, they should dabble a bit in dubstep. It would definitely add a new element to their sound and not many of us American's know what it is. Plus, it's some sick stuff.

As for it sounding like HT, doubt it. Its gonna have the same consistency in sound like HT did, but only with a different, more matured style of music
I hope they don't change it up too much. I really like Hybrid Theory & MTM was pretty good. I just want it to be good music.

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