Hey how do yo think the new album will sound?

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a blend of ht meteora days with the New divide trend will be awesome flick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mix of ht&mtm
The crazy thing with me about Linkin Park is that while I have grown out of the nu-metal and just-pretty-much-hard-rock-in-general-genres, I still truly enjoy listening to one of LP's albums more than every so often. This shows that LP is no less than the best. However, I thought that while New Divide was good, it wasn't fantastic (although the crappy Transformers movie might have done a number on me). I have always been confident in the strength of their albums, though, and if LP is confident that this album will be amazing, then I can believe it. Rock on forever, LP!
Oh, I hope so! Classic LP is my favorite. A remix of "One Step Closer" or "A Place For My Head" would be totally cool!
ive must say that Hybrid Theory was a great album. But for some reason New Divide was also amazing.
If the new album sounds like the leak demo"lockjaw" i will be very thankful
Lockjaw sounds so powerful. Even if it was a demo
Hey guyes if u come to think of it LP has realeased muzik albums from 2 to 2 years 2000,2002.2003,2004 exept minutes to midnight which was aver3 yaers so 2 years of recording is ok in my book,not like metallica 5 yaers no?
I hope the new album of lp will be the nu metal like hybrid theory and meteora but better
I have a feeling this new album will sound very very difrent but with a hybird feeling lol
Me too

Arno said:
I`d wish to hear that the new album has the ht or meteora style.
you know just wondering how is it gonna sound make's the waiting eternal man, i just wanna have it right now and be listening to it all day long, i know whatever it sound like HT, M or MtM is just gonna be AWESOME and fresh!!!

LPRulez!!! street soldier OUT>>>
I agree with you all the way. I can't wait for the new record!

Kevin Munoz said:
Linkin Park is known for always creating something new and being different. Hybrid Theory was really big because of those reasons. Meteora was an extension of that. Reanimation was a perfect representation of that and so was Collision Course and Minutes To Midnight. Linkin Park is always pushing the envelope. My favorite album so far is Minutes To Midnight because they crushed everyone's expectation of what the album was going to sound like and came out with many positive results. The songs were more specific and had more depth. If LP's new album were to sound like Hybrid Theory I would be disappointed because it defeats the purpose of trying to be different in the first place. Nu-metal is a chapter that closed many years ago. Also, many of the fans of Hybrid Theory have grown up, and like evolution, their way of thinking and their taste in art also evolved. When Mike Shinoda was on "Last Call with Carson Daly" and he mentioned the comparison that Dave made about popular music and junk food I could not help but smile. I just couldn't agree more!
Not to stray away but look at The Beatles for example. If they continued writing songs like " I Want To Hold Your Hand", they would not have been as influential and big as when they wrote "Let It Be" and "I Am the Walrus". The fact is they simply grew up and so did their fans. I am confident that Linkin Park will once again push the envelope with their new album. Rock on.
I've seen that after Meteora some people discussed " Is every LP song the same ?" After MTM a lot of them said "why did they changed their style ? " I don't get it. Ok, I liked the old albums more but they couldn't make LOATR or new divide without changing. (Which are great songs) And I like they don't try to please people. It's more important what they want or like to do for them.

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