Hey how do yo think the new album will sound?

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its gonna be BIG!!
i'm with you, the lockjaw demo is supercool!!!

Eddie Himself said:
ive must say that Hybrid Theory was a great album. But for some reason New Divide was also amazing.
If the new album sounds like the leak demo"lockjaw" i will be very thankful Lockjaw sounds so powerful. Even if it was a demo
I think it is something new . Different from everything that they have done before. LP has always been very creative and as they changed themselves from every aspect in MTM ,it was realy great. Hope they make it more heavy than that.
i want LP to do something like the "hybrid theory" style.......
I am so excited ^^
I am not sure if they will ever come out with the HT style ever. I just hope they do though. I like the underground stuff and and the side stuff they do as well. What I really want the New Album to be like is Underground stuff/Hybrid Theory/Meteora/Some of the Minutes to Midnight stuff/ New Element. Lol. Sounds crazy but I think they can pull it off. I did wanna add Fort Minor, Collision Course, Reanimated, Dead By Sunrise in there as well but that would be crazy. Just hope it wont be down beat and more up beat and energized really. I love their energized type of music.
I think the new album will have some Hybrid Theory like songs in it. But I am sure that there will also be some other songs like Minutes To Midnight, or even a whole new style!
actually i'm not sure but....LP shud make dis like HT....becoz their style is nu-metal....slow songs r not their style........
i think that every linkin park albums sounded a little different from each other, from meterora to hydrid theory. i think that hydrid theory was more of a rock album than meteora was. i think minutes to midnight to me was a breath of fresh air. and we the fans need some fresh air. but the problem is we are used to hearing songs like " one step closer, crawlin, faint, and somewhere i belong, so we need something new. and i hope linkin park keeps on giving us something new.
I would love to see a combiation of meteora which btw is my favorite,and minutes to midnight.....and yeah not 2 many slowstuff nu metal we would like
i hope the new album will hve at least 15 trcks.smtng like reanimation.

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