Hey how do yo think the new album will sound?

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We don't have a confirmed release date but it's possible it'll be late September.
No album title yet, though there is speculation that "A Thousand Suns" and "The Catalyst" are song titles.

Al3xxx mUDragON said:
So let me get this streight,the album in coming out on september 24 this year,it better be worth waiting for....and is there a name?how is it called?
hey.i got some news.the new album is going to be call "A Thousand Suns" and the first single is coming out august 2 name:The Catalyst.(LPU,LPA,WIKIPEDIA,LPLIVE NEWS)
They said it would be a genera breaking new album.
hey someone just post a fake version of a thousand suns.
but the artwork i mean it's pretty awsome
the second album on the post
I Hope So
Is it a fake? The song is strange, but lyrics are the same as that : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhpYuRp3igg&feature=related
Franky_TF said:

That's a fan-made mix of the all the stems playing at once. They shouldn't all be playing at once, so don't take it as what the actual song will sound like.
They will sound more different then Hybrid Theory then MTM did... :)

Franky_TF said:
yeah.but i wish that some tracks will sound like the "hybrid" stuff
hey!guys i read all the coments
and what i gotta say:
lp new album is progressive music (something like NIN)/the other part of the album is "TBA" No one knows how the album will sound TOTALLY.
but it is going to have longer musics.
check out LPA OR LPL for more details
www.lpassociation.com - you check out this site all nights and you know everything
ARTWORK!!!!OUT THERE!!!i still dont know if it rocks or if it sucks
anyway link:http://www.lpunderground.com/image/member/Franky_LP/all/a_thousand_...

http://www.musiquemag.com/news-linkin-park-notre-avis-sur-six-titre... may interrest you if you talk french! They talk about 6 tracks heard. Enjoy!
Zane Liu said:
well from what i've heard...i'm going to say it's going towards a electronic futuristic but hard rock sound. Based off of new divide, what they've said in intervies, some of mike's remixes (LOATR Remix and What I've Done Distorted Remix) that's what it sure sounds like. Idk if i'm right...but i've got a pretty good feeling it'll be like that.

The "new" sound that LP is going to release is not out to the public yet and nobody has heard of. And New Divide or any of Mike's remixes will sound anything like the new material. Only the band and the staff knows this new sound. 9.14.10

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