Hey guys!The new album A thousand Suns came out,and it just so happens I'm making a new album!It's called,"Extreme Toxication".I'm very excited about both new albums.I'll post up a download forum when the album is ready.And I've made a website,and I'm making a better one.What's in it for you?


Yup I'm making a new website.It's better than my old site.If you wanna see my old website,you can see it here:http://degenerat.webs.com/ ...Anyway,I'm posting all of my songs/albums there,it'll have lots of new features.And I can't think of a name for my website.It's up to you guys to think of a name for my new website.Leave answers in the comments!


P.S Just right now,my guinea pigs,Chloe and Louis,Chloe has an inlarged heart and she might have to be put down (being put down means she'll sleep and then die,I really don't know exactly what it is).It's very tough for me and my family. :( 


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