Can you tell me something about new album.Time a new album.
When start a tour and when arrive to Czech Republic.

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i seem to have skipped over the singles part. You are right it won't be as early as June but I'm sure a release date of late July is possible. Mike Shinoda said that more dates and album updates are coming soon, so if the album release date is posted this month and the single is released in late June then will surely get the album soon after that. Look at MTM, the first single came out like 3 weeks before release whereas for Meteora the first single came out only a week before release. The conclusion is that anything is possible, the band does whatever they want to.
Milita_Origins said:
It was released with the demos for Linkin Park Underground member in a disc called LPU9.

Ahh yes now i remember.

Thanks :)

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