Whatever inspired, drove or influenced the guys to go outside the box, I applaud it.  What an incredible sound.  I have loved Linkin Park for many many years but this is like falling in love with them for the first  time....new and pure.  Thank you guys for the most surprising and enjoyable experience I have had listening to a new release in a long time. Everyone evolves, grows, changes through the years I'm so glad Linkin Park has done just that!

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I got a few things to throw in.
Yeah they may be trying to change there style by creating new art, but there first 2 albums were masterpieces, I think its good for bands to change because it keeps fans and listeners excited, but too much change like this just doesn't work. they lost there roots of being a hard rock/ nu metal band and changed into some DJ only style "We need to save the world crap." Every other band that is wanting to make a name for themselves is jumping on this Band Wagon lately and its getting extremely blah. Don't get me wrong I'm for making the world a better place, but too many bands are following this and its starting to get old. ex: 30 Seconds to Mar, loved there fist 2 albums then they went the same way and there new album sucked. Linkin Park was new and unique when they first came out, now they just sound like every other mainstream, media driven band out there. So saying that this album is art means you have no taste what so ever because there is no uniqueness to this album.

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