Anyone else think the thousand suns dvd ended on a low point? They all looked pretty bumed out. Also Mikes comment on "what i've done sh*t" It's not my favourite song but when you have an artist talk like that about one of their OWN songs, you kinda start to question their motives. Mike seems to be overly obsessed with the idea of making something new, to the point where he'll bash one of his own songs. Not cool man.

I know he was trying to say that he had something totally new and different in mind for a single but to bash one of your own creations is completely un acceptable within a band. I'm suprised Chester didnt lose his sh*t at him.

They just seem like they're trying so hard not to be fake, that the're actually becoming what they hated when they first started.

Lets hope Mike doesnt go against one of his old lyrics "sing song kareoke copy bullsh*t"

Any thoughts? Concerns?

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