i just had an idea the other day that could work


linkin park, jay-z, and eminem should make a song together


i think it will b great


let me no what u think about it

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Bad idea.

Jay-Z is pop, Eminem is fail rap.


What i wanted is mature lyrics, and meaningful songs.

The best slow songs was Valentines Day, My December, The Messenger, and In Pieces.

Something like those are what i expect. I don't care if people hate it, but i will stand for LP.

I'd prefer not - I don't like Eminem or Jay-Z lyrics or their sort-of meanness for want of a better word - I disliked the Jay-Z collaboration 'Collision Course' very much. Linkin Park's good-heartedness and realness in their singing/rhyming just really doesn't match those guys, I reckon. Just my opinion.


I would love Linkin Park to try a collaboration with Pearl Jam, write some original songs with them - Pearl seem as goodhearted in their lyrics as Linkin seem, also write beautiful lyrics, and do awesome music also. Sure, they do a different type of rock, but I kind of wonder if mixing the Linkin and Pearl in a song or two, just to try it out, could come up with something really awesome and unique. Not sure if they'd choose to have 'Linkin Park' sections of song and 'Pearl Jam' sections of the songs, or just mesh together for the whole of the songs, but the result of that is something I would really love! to hear :) And the great thing is, both bands do both slow and fast songs, heavy and light songs, so they'd be a great mix that way. I love Pearl Jam's latest Backspacer album as much as I love Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns. They are two great bands, best in my world :-)


All best wishes to you, :-)



Can I retract what I said about Jay-Z? I listened to his own music recently (I'd only ever heard him with Linkin Park before, which I didn't enjoy cos his part didn't add to the meaning of the songs but rather took away from it, which really upset me, cos he was just saying "hello everyone, I'm great, other artists aren't great...bla bla bla", nothing at all to do with the song) and saw he's an okay fella/man from his lyrics. I guess if he was to work with Linkin again, it'd be nice if he'd try to add his part of the song, basing it around the theme of the song instead of making it nothing to do with it - then it'd be more okay for me. Also, if he tried to emphasise the beat (one-two beat instead of three-four beat?) a bit more, like Mike does, instead of being like a babbling brook over Mike's stepping stones, his part wouldn't detract from Linkin's music but would add to it.


As to Eminem, although I like his music pretty well, his lyrics can leave a lot to be desired, for me. I understand you liking him for his music, though. Sorry for shooting your idea down, sometimes I just get a bit fired up, forget to think about other people and how they feel and remember to respect them despite disagreeing. :( My apologies! Hope you're having a good day and didn't take it hard what I said last time. :)


Best wishes,



I meant 2/4 rather than 4/4 (or 8/4) yesterday when I wrote - I had a brain blip, couldn't find the phrase/words I wanted - hope that makes more sense now ;D Cos Mike hits frequently, strongly on the beat whereas Jay-Z doesn't put emphasis on the beat nearly so often. C u



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