As anyone who follows the band can tell, we have a LOT of stuff going on right now.  You can now use this FREE app to stay up to date on all your Linkin Park news, tours, LPTV, videos…literally the entire LP universe.  It also comes preloaded with a bunch of photos, and streams our music.  Free!

For iPhone:

For Android:

For everyone who is using the app...Feel free to use this thread as a place to tell us how the app can be improved!


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this sounds really cool
i love the new songs..
great job
the new album is really awesome
LP is LP nothing happen to them
they are same!!!
just in NEW STYLE!!!!
if ya r LP fan then ya should love them

jack van said:
what happend to the old linkin park, i am definitly not buying this new album
Me have it on my Dsi and it is awesome man u guys rock eletronica wow what cant u do good
Well.. this all sounds great.
Too bad I can't check it out for myself..
I have to get a new cell phone..
and I doubt it will be a iPhone or Android..
I'm one of those middle-class... I guess almost poor people..
Oh well.. As long as LP is definitely coming to Seattle..
That's all I really need.. to see you guys live again..
It would help me sooo much...

Thanks!!!!!!! love you guys forever!!

Sucks for you!
You're missing out.. big time..
But.. that's okay.. lol
I love the app, it's where I spend half my time but alot of the videos don't work unless you watch them via YouTube, so it would be nice if that could get fixed!
please could you get a app for blackberrys too?!
It's an awesome app very happy I downloaded it :) x
I've got it it's a brilliant 
Way 2 keep up witH LP 
News and listen to their 
Unbeatable songs
I've got it :):)

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