As anyone who follows the band can tell, we have a LOT of stuff going on right now.  You can now use this FREE app to stay up to date on all your Linkin Park news, tours, LPTV, videos…literally the entire LP universe.  It also comes preloaded with a bunch of photos, and streams our music.  Free!

For iPhone:

For Android:

For everyone who is using the app...Feel free to use this thread as a place to tell us how the app can be improved!


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App still needs a few fix ups here and there, but I still love it!!! >XD
And The Catalyst does sound great, but it is rather repetitive! I just hope not ALL the songs are like that...
But like others have said, make 8-bit rebellion for Android!!! Please!
could you get a app for the blackberry as well. Please
The Ustream archive doesn't want to work in the iPhone/iPod App, also i can't access LPTV or music videos from youtube through the app. Other than that everything seems to be working just fine.
love the ap only thing i would say if you could make it faster and sort out a few lil bugs :)

also it would be epic if you could get a chat on it like the chat on LPN and LPU :)

mike, make offline features like the pics, trivia, and other goodies, i don't have wi-fi connection =/
hows about some PSP compatibility?
be the first band to do that
You could make a computer application for those who do not have cell Iphone and I touch
i will like to see in this app that everytime linkin park/mike make an update or something we receive a notification from the app to our ipod,iphone etc.. but i love this app because keep me closer to linkin park.. i love this app. lp rocks
I don't know if it can't help but how booking agent decides where the band plays?
Maybe we need to have the oppertunity to do requests on the apply... And maybe online on the internet here to... Like on the widget, so booking agents can see how much people want you guys coming to their place.
Well I do have the app and its freakin awesome!!! only complaint: it needs a longer storyline i finished it in 3 days :s LP ATW!!!
This sounds really GREAT!!!!! You always do the BEST WORK!!!! can i use it ? :) THNX!!
Guys, any love for the blackberry owners?

Can't wait for A Thousand Suns, its out on my girlfriends birthday :)

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