As anyone who follows the band can tell, we have a LOT of stuff going on right now.  You can now use this FREE app to stay up to date on all your Linkin Park news, tours, LPTV, videos…literally the entire LP universe.  It also comes preloaded with a bunch of photos, and streams our music.  Free!

For iPhone:

For Android:

For everyone who is using the app...Feel free to use this thread as a place to tell us how the app can be improved!


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This sounds really cool. I'm so gonna get it right now. I'll be sure to let ya know if it can be improved. Btw love the new song The Catalyst it sounds great. I love the new style don't listen to the haters. Talk to ya later:)
hm...i have it now on my mobile. It's not an android or iphone, only a SE Satio (with nokia software, for android too). It doesn't work, can't open it.
It was worth a try. :-)
put offline features!!! i don't have wi-fi so i can't use the app!!
iPod touch work?
Yeah I got it on my iPod touch

Jon said:
iPod touch work?
Sorry, to go off topic, just one quick question Mike.

Any chance of getting 8-bit Rebellion on Android?

Game looks like a ton of fun and not all of use love seeing Steve Jobs telling us what we can and can't do. ;-)
OMG!!!! OKAY first of all thanks for accepting me as a friend!!! Second of all LOVE the new single cant wait for the album!!!!!! Finally thanks for telling us about the app im going to use it everysingle day now!!!!!!! Keep being Mike and say hi to the rest for me ok!!!!
I loooove it :D Best app ever after 8 bit rebellion :D
Well whenever I start the APP, shadow of the day plays in the background, and when I close the app the song is still playing and it's killing my battery.

Sure I can manually stop the song to play but sometimes I just want to quickly see the new updates and forget to turn it off.


I have all the songs on your list, but I wonder why I cant play them through the app (I need to buy them)

is really cool!!, but it need internet conexion Yes or Yes. and with the iPod Touch you don't have an "internet plan" you need wifi conexion. If it have some icon that dont need internet will be more cool! =)
If you guys created it, there is no way to improve it, everything you guys to is as awesome as it can possibly be :).
I thought this sounded really cool, so I just installed it to my MyTouch Android phone..and the app works great!

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