well there has been newz that lp is gonna release there next album in 2011. But is it possible to record an album so quick when u r touring around the world throughout the year. If the album comes out this soon then ill be eagerly waiting for it.I hope that they return to their originai nu metal roots(which i think is rarely gonna happen) 'cauz i heard that the band wants 2 continue this new style and is very happy with it.I really like there new style but its been a while since ive heard their original style of music. I hope this album really comes out in 2011 but i think its gonna be a tough job releasing an album in such a short period of time.I think the album may take a bit longer than 2011.But i want my thoughts to be wrong.

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I think it's just a rumour.

It's not possible to record and release 2 albums in 2 years and having a lot of gigs, too.

The guys also need free time in which they can relax.

But I hope their next album will be harder because that is the style LP sounds best with! But a connection of hard and soft or a complete new style of hard music would be interesting,too.

But I think it'll take a few years until they release a new album.

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