Hey. So...I know that tinychat just recently updated the way it works and now we sign in using Facebook (or twitter?). However, I am having a hell of a time trying to get into the chatroom. It doesn't have to do with my tinychat account because I made sure to sync it with my Facebook account. But everytime I try to join the chat, it just continues to try to connect. I've left it on for a whole day once and it never connected. The chatroom is my favorite part of the LPU, so can someone PLEASE help me with this issue? Thanks.

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like i said... twitter
Ok, but Why twitter?  I don't wanna merge my twitter with tinychat.   Why we have this problem? :(
I have the same problem. Just tried it with Twitter and Facebook but it failed. But the days ago, it was fine.
I have the same problem :(( i try it every day and it never works.. for what am i paying money!? -_-
Twitter's the only one that works for me too, even though Facebook was what I used to use to get in. ;) Weird!

how can i join this new lpc ... i want to know any how ... i want to talk with my friends.. please guide me ... waiting...

@daniel are you an LPU member?



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