Now that LP Underground has been moved over here to, I decided to start an LPU discussions forum.  Hope you enjoy it.

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The more and more I think about the current state of this "club", the more irritated I become.


Linkin Park Underground has never been perfect. Minus the petty complaints from past years, I still expected a really nice community. I didn't join LPU because I wanted to meet the band. It's a good incentive for joining but, it wasn't the real reason. I like online communities. I like debating issues like this on a message board. I like chatting. You weren't even going to give us a chat room, and frankly, we had to fight for that.


I'm a Libra. I believe in fairness. Nothing about the current state of the club is fair. If you weed through all of the complaints on here, and elsewhere on the internet, you'll make some interesting discoveries about just how bad of a job you are doing. Topspin is the most horrendous website host. If you send a ticket, you get an automated response. You can't speak to a real person. There are club members who have bought tickets, and have had to fight to get their tickets mailed to them, and when tickets finally were mailed, they belonged to someone else!


Unless things change for the better, or improve in some sort of way, you will not see me renew, and you will not see me at a concert. I wanted very badly to go to the Uncasville show on the 11th, but I was not going to put myself through these types of hassles. The club is such a turn-off at this point. I guess part of it is my fault, for getting overly-excited for the new club, new tour, new hopes for maybe meeting the band. It's disappointing.


Let's outline what we get with LPUX:

1. Tickets.

2. Possibility of a M&G.

3. Summits.

4. Band member chats.

5. Videos? I heard rumors of this but have yet to see it.


With the previous years:

1. Tickets (backstage passes as well, which we don't get anymore).

2. Possibility of a M&G.

3. Private LPU concerts.

4. Band member chats.

5. Exclusive package.

6. Contests.

7. Exclusive online community, including chat room, forum, videos, photos, downloads, email (when it was working properly), and a halfway decent support ticket system.


We deserve better, and we deserve to be appreciated. The fans who started Linkin Park Underground before it was the website, are the people who helped make you what you are today. You owe them. You either fix the current issues, and give us something at least at the same value as what we had before, or, you make damn well sure LPU 11 is the best club in the history of fanclubs. That's assuming there even will be an LPU 11.

not to start trouble here but we should have a say if we wanted to move to a new site or not. we the fans pay for it, we should have our say. we are the only ones on it everyday aways. u got the facebook, youtube, myspace, we had our lpu. and now its done and its not fun anymore. and we go to a 'new site' it isnt new at all. we just want our old one back. thats all that is.

Jasmine Carrero said:

I was with the LPU for 1,2 6,7 and 8.  What we had before was better than this. I chose to do the monthly membership.  No package (T-shirt, LPU CD, Newsletter, etc), No LPU site, NO email address with! RIP LPU :'(

linkinparkette said:
hey was any of u guys a member of lpunderground before it was changed?
if so can you, help spread the word of a chain going around to get the old website, chat and forums back. ty
Hey I'm new here and i got a code for membership in a cd. where do i put it in at?
Does anybody know what is up with the pictures for the M&G in Dallas? Almost three weeks have past and they still havent been posted?

When will a meet and greet come to Florida or Chicago?

When there is a concert in Florida or Chicago


hi just wanted to know when are u guys doing a concert in Barbados we need u guys here
They will announce it when they do... Stay tuned on more tourdates soon. Now it's studio time for the band...

alicia boyce said:
hi just wanted to know when are u guys doing a concert in Barbados we need u guys here
guys wen u gonna drive INDIA crazy, der r lots of die hard fans in mumbai, bangalore & pune. wen u comin to give us a treat?

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