I 've just listened BlackBirds...i'm very disappointed about this song!!
I want back linkin park of meteora...not this pop song!
what do you think about it?

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Davide said:
I 've just listened BlackBirds...i'm very disappointed about this song!! I want back linkin park of meteora...not this pop song!

Okay.. you realise Meteora was pop too right?
Hopefully we won't ever have LP make a HT3. Their writing style from the first 2 records is totally played out. Onward to new things I say.

dear m.ART.in, i listen linkin park from the release of hybrid theory.

Irrelevant. It doesn't matter when you became a fan. A fan is a fan.

Fans is not someone who say that everything is good! Fans is a person that say his opionion...

And just because another fan has a different opinion than you about a song, it doesn't mean they're kissing collective arse of LP. There are multiple songs on each album that I think are poor. But I like Blackbirds.

I think that Minutes to midnight is not a good album and i hoped that they come back to the old style but after i listened this song i understand that is not possible because there are fans like you that say always "THIS IS A GREAT SONG!!"

Blackbirds is actually a song they wrote during the MTM sessions that they finished off specifically for 8-Bit Rebellion, It has no bearing on what they are writing for a new album. But don't get your hopes up again, they said the new stuff doesn't sound like anything they've done before.

And really, you had better hope the band never starts writing music to please fans, because that is selling out. (and might be why I don't like Meteora as an album.)
agree w!th Almir........:))

Almir said:
Davide said:
I think that everyone can say his opinion!
But say that linkin park is the best band on this planet is very funny haahah!!
there are million of band that is much better

Ok, let me clear it up for you....so i started listening to lp when i was listening to tons of other bands....all other bands were the same with each album, only lp was making different albums, so after 10 years I'm still listening to lp, the conclusion you can get from that is: LP is the best band on the planet! xD
I think Blackbirds is a bit typical for LP, but still, a bit disappointing. I miss the "old" linkin park and how they didn't sound like everyone else, like in hybrid theory and meteora.. I still think the song is good, and the lyrics still have a point and meaning, unlike other groups, but I just miss some of the old sound..
Blackbirds is really new & refreshingly unique. I truly love the song.......... Mike's rap really hit right on target !!
agreed!!! bring back meteora
James Manning said:
agreed!!! bring back meteora

Meteora didn't go anywhere.... unless you lost your copy. If so, you can find another at your nearest record shop. ;)
the best thing in lp is that they change their musical style continuously . so don't get disappointed and try to admire the good things of them.
In my opinion, Blackbirds is a really great song. I love it. Specially Mikes rap in there is awesome; thx to his rap, this song becomes even harder at the end.

I dunno why you guys don't like MTM too much, I really love it. I have great memories connected to it. Lemme tell ya this:
If you ever have a date, and you and your date sit in your car watching the moon and u need something romantic, all these hard stuff from before won't help. That's where MTM will save your ass and makes the date perfect.
Just as side note.

Oh and Davide, I am rather disappointed that you go so low... Respect the other fans, WITH their opinions. If you only like the hard stuff, you won't find it that much anymore in LP since the new Album will be again something totally different. So no HT3. If you wanna call yourself a real fan of LP, then support them please in everything they do, means also in times, where they change their style. Meanwhile these 10 years I am a fan of LP, they never disappointed me and I support them in everything they do =)
A true fan doesn't have to be someone who adores everything that Linkin Park does, it's like a marriage; you settle down for someone who treats you the best and loves you the most. There are still going to be disagreements here and there, but when it's all said and done, you realize what's most important; you still love that person!

That's kind of a wierd analogy, but I'm just trying to say that I'm confused when people ask for another "Hybrid Theory". Haven't Linkin Park already done that? Who want's to hear the same old tricks over again? That would absolutely ruin the glory and appreciation for "Hybrid Theory" itself, and Linkin Park would look like a bunch of sell outs reusing their success.

What I love the most about Linkin Park, is that all of their albums are completely different sounding from each other. I really enjoyed Blackbirds and MTM. I mean, come on, why are fans still complaining? This song was close to the 'old Linkin Park formula' and Mike even rapped a bit. I just think that fans are pissed, because Linkin Park's lyrics were all about their problems, until they changed.
yea, thats right. blackbirds is not an extremely amazing song like lying from you and in the end, which are perfect from lyrics to beat. its just wonderful for its meaningful lyrics (to me). and if its "everything but not pop song", then it can be a ballad :P
waaaat? Davide is a fan, isnt he? and his opinion is that he deosnt like Blackbirds, thats all. so the one who should respect other fans is you, Stef.

Stef said:
Oh and Davide, I am rather disappointed that you go so low... Respect the other fans, WITH their opinions.

okay, thats your opinion, Cillian, only yours. whatever you do, you cant deny the fact that meteora is an album and that there are many people who like it best (me myself for an example).

Cillian said:
and might be why I don't like Meteora as an album
blackbirds is a nu-metal song, it's just fuckin awesome song! It's not a pop song, MIke is back!! What else do u want? They did what we want! You are not a real fan, LPs comez back to Meteora style

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