Here you can make your LP's tour. You can say your favorite "setlist", the cities that the LP will pass, what cause part of the tickets will be destined. Everything you wanna say.

Off course, this is only a kind of game. Because this is a LP's business.

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Linkin Park for Midwest USA (major cities):

Madison, Wisconsin Chicago, Illinois, Des Moines, Iowa, St. Louis, Missouri, Lansing, Michigan, Springfield, Illinois


1. Papercut
2. What I've Done
3. Numb
5. Faint
6. Catalyst
7. In the End
8. One Step Closer
10. Crawling
11. Waiting for the End
12. Breaking the Habit
13. Blackout
14. Forgotten
16. Burning in the Skies
17. Figure.09
19. Leave Out all the Rest
20. Bleed It Out
21. Pushing Me Away
22. (LPU Song?)

Hi LP's!!!!! Are you ready to come to Spain??? We have waiting for you since 2003!! when your 2003 Tour had in Barcelona I had 14 years old and I couldn't go. Many generations are waiting you since then!!! Are you ready to make us happy?? ;)

Bueno a mi me gustaria que vengan a Peru , Los peruanos morirmos que vengan si quiera 1 vez aki y demostrarles que los quremos aqui en peru tambien , ademas QUisiera mostrarle a chester , que mi banda y yo tocamos sus canciones y somos buenos , y mas cuando tocamos su cancion Given Up y el screen de 30 segundos , Espero que vengan a Peru los estaremos Esperando , GRacias y Hasta pronto.


Well, I really like Leonardo's setlist, improved with "Broken Foot" ♥

Hey guys-!!! I would like to see you in Chile, one more time. Please!! The show in 2010 was amazing!!! I hope you can come again!

At Susquehanna bank center i want linkin park to play New divide, faint, given up, what ive done, bleed it out, lies greed misery, burn it down, crawling, with you, runaway, somewhere i belong, catalyst, l
eave out all the rest/shadow of the day/iridescent ballad medley, in the end and the intro song will be tinfoil

i don't care which songs, or which city, but they should come to New Zealand, it would be amazing.

I've just found out they'll be part of the Soundwave line-up in Australia next year - I'm hoping they'll also tour separately later in the year as well.

My ideal playlist would be:

Lost in the Echo, Burn it Down, My Remains, Powerless, Lies Greed Misery

Burning in the Skies, Waiting for the End, Blackout

What I've Done, Valentine's Day
New Divide

Don't Stay, Somewhere I Belong, Figure 09

Papercut, One Step Closer, In the End

I can't figure out how to make a new topic, but I was at the show at Jones Beach last night, and I know it wasn't originally part of the tour. Are they going to be selling the concert audio for this show? I don't see it on the tour page. Somebody help?

Matt... I was at that show too and I am wondering the same thing. I can't figure out how to start a new topic or thread either, lol. If they don't wind up selling the concert audio for this show, I think the show at the night before at Mansfield, MA was the exact same set list. Were there any codes posted on the message boards at Jones Beach Theater, to get a code to download it. Usually the tickets give you access to getting the code. I have been to two of their concerts before and I was able to do it then, but I didn't notice anything on the message boards.

1. Live In Israel- Amphytheater Karmiel(small place and not room to jump, but close to my home)
2. Live In Israel- Yarkon Park- Tel-Aviv

1. Lost IN The Echo
2. With You
3. Roads Untraveled
4. Victimized\Qwerty
5. High Voltage
6. In My Remains
7. Castle Of Glass
8. In The End
9. Numb
10. Given Up
11. No More Sorrow
12. Somewhere I Belong
13. What Ive Done
14. New Divide
15. Iridescent
16. Leave Out All The Rest
17. The Little Things Give You Away
18. Faint
19. Dont Stay
20. By Myself
21. One Step Closer
22. Wretches And Kings
23. Bleed It Out

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