Here you can make your LP's tour. You can say your favorite "setlist", the cities that the LP will pass, what cause part of the tickets will be destined. Everything you wanna say.

Off course, this is only a kind of game. Because this is a LP's business.

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Hi guy's greetings from Serbia. It will be great if you can come to Belgrade

1. Lost in the Echo
2. Somewhere I Belong
3. Given Up
4. Lies, Greed and misery
5. Numb
6. P5hing Me Aw*y
7. What I've Done
8. Faint
9. A Place for My Head
10.In My Remains
12.Waiting for the End
14.Castle Of Glass
15.New Divide
16.In The End
17.Bleed it Out
18. One Step Closer - W/ Beastie boys Sabotage Bridge

If they came to Belfast and done that my life would be complete

Azerbaijan-land of fire-is looking forward to your arrival!!! We are here, and we are waiting

i like this one

Janno said:

Visit Estonia...

The Perfect list for Europe! Of course Norway ( Where i'm from)

1. Numb
2. Castle of Glass
3. New divide
4. Burning in the skies
5. Breaking the habit
6. In the end
7. What i've done
8. Lost in the echo
9. The catalyst
10. Given up
11. Forgotten
12. Waiting for the end
13. Faint
14. Somewhere i belong
15. Burn it down
16. In my remains
17. Lies Greed Misery
18. Papercut
19. Iridescent

Please come to Norway!! :)

Please, como to Portugal-Lisbon again! We love you!

Please spend a tour in Ukraine. I ask you, there's a lot of your fans, it is desirable that round was held in the city of Dnipropetrovsk. I ask you to consider this request.

OK. As a genuine fan of LP i really really REALLY want to see them live but unfortunately they have NEVER made a concert in my county . OK it is a small country but nevertheless here are HUGE admires who love you as much as all other fans. So PLEASE come to Bulgaria. It does not matter for me where else you are going to make concerts but please please please please please please please please come to Bulgaria. :'( Please. I need to see LP live.

Why don't you go on a tour in eastern and southeastern Europe? Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Moldova and Romania? I don't know if you have made concerts there but I know that in Bulgaria you have never. SO please think about that suggestion. :D You'll make happy a lot of people who have never seen you live.

It would be great if they could play in Greece too :) About the setlist its normal to promote their recent album and include all those all time classics from the older albums (in the end,numb,what i've done etc )

I'm agree with Victoria, especially in Ukraine!

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