Here you can make your LP's tour. You can say your favorite "setlist", the cities that the LP will pass, what cause part of the tickets will be destined. Everything you wanna say.

Off course, this is only a kind of game. Because this is a LP's business.

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The perfect tour would in Africa and South America.
DBS and FM open for LP.
With this setlist:

1. Don't stay
2. With you
3. Runaway
4. Figure.09
5. Faint
6. From the Inside
7. Papercut
8. Given up
9. No more sorrow
10. Across the line
11. High Voltage
12. Forgotten
13. By myself
14. What I've done
15. New Divide
16. Numb
17. Crawling
18. In the end
19. One step closer

Oooh that' a really difficult task... I really want to see every song performed live, especially the one's I haven't seen live yet.
I'd say some of the 3 albums and all of the new album. I was a bit disappointed that LP played only few songs from minutes to midnight... I wanted to hear HHH life.
The LP could play the songs of "Cookies" too Hehehehehe
Haha yeah... An LPU in general would be nice... with reading my eyes, qwerty, across the line, maybe wish too... haha but 26 lettaz would be funny: Mike and Chaz inhalating Helium and performing that song xD
It would be very nice even have a show so with the musics of LPU's CDs =D
I would like LP to play some other city in the UK other than London or Manchester. I live in Cornwall and getting to London is not easy or cheap. Why can't they play Exeter or at the EDEN Project that would be cool. LP at the biggest Biodome project in Europe!
im happy as long as lp plays in LA or around that area which im sure they will at least once
i would die to hear them play step up, high voltage on the reanimation album and with you; u know what eveything basically lol. i would like to see them tour w/ alice in chains, rise against, paper tongues, DBS, FM (totally cuz i've never heard them live before), and other bands i cant think of at the moment :DD can't wait 2 see them live again XD
I would love to see LP on the East Coast again ... it's been a long time. You know what would make my life complete ... if LP did a concert and did all their songs ... [ 24 Hours of Linkin Park ] I know that's a lot to ask ... but ... I don't know of any other band that's ever done anything close to that ...
another LPU tour. small and intimate. the first one i seen them in chicago and it was fantastic! with songs only from the LPU cd's like i've read in some previous posts.... setlists??? umm just please include the full version of and one, reading my eyes, and part of me. probably qwerty, a.06, and dedicated too. i love all the songs.
They could play any music, but at least they have to come to BRAZIL!
As long as they stop by Spain... But if I must dream, I'd ask for em to come to my hometown, Sevilla, in the south of Spain...
I don't care where they go, how they get there, as long as they come to Egypt !! I really wish u guys come to Egypt this Year, coz u guyz never came here and it makes me sad :'< , So Please Please Please come to Egypt !! :)

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