The video for Burning in the Skies is out now..!

I was totally shocked watching LP break their CLEAN VIDEO norms...!


I know it really doesnt matter to them, but i dont wanna see a girl in lingerie in an Linkin Park Video !

Watch and comment people.!



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IMHO, I think it's nothing more than just a coincidence.

ShameAboutTheVideo said:

I really enjoyed the video, but it seemed to be totally about the Japanese tsunami, even though it was released about 2 weeks before it happened. Maybe they're a bit psychic.


Was spooky anyway.


There's an article about it here that goes in to more detail and points out the similarities:

I know it really doesnt matter to them, but i dont wanna see a girl in lingerie in an Linkin Park Video !
I think your over reacting a little bit. I'd hardly count that as not being clean. That sort of thing happens in a lot of "clean" media these days. Joe knows what he's doing and added that in because it was important for the effect of the video and to get a true and relevent contrast to the other more 'happy' people.
oh i like that.
I think Catalyst and Iridescent are two good videos of recent times for Linkin Park. Waiting for the end was alright and Burning in the skies was nothing special for most.

Hi Prinyansh :)


I've gotta say, although I know it's not cool these days in the Western world to not want to see people in their underwear or less, I wish it wasn't done all over the place, especially not in music videos of great songs by great bands. I understand Linkin Park's reasoning in the song for choosing to do that but I think having her in clothing being self-deprecating would have been just as effective as in underwear (and more so, for me ;) ). I am glad that the underwear was there, though, not see-through scarves or anything like so many have. But I imagine plenty of people may disagree with me? ;)

IDK but I'm glad they are there and the earth is in orbit.
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I was Command and Conquer: Zero Hour as the Chinese, in the Burning Skies mission where you have to stop the enemy from crossing the map.
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 the videos of iridescent and waiting for the end...has set new standard for making videos........the catalyst.....waz ok.......but effects were cool........burning the skies is bit like story.......

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