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I will never solve this.

thank you

I solved and saved it but I didn't hear anything not even 5 seconds of any music! HELPPP!

nobody is able to hear DD:

Lameeeeee....I want to hear something!!! Even just a little bit :(

everyone wants to hear. Nothing is happening: (

Less than 2 weeks and you'll hear the entire thing. Compared to LP's usual schedule of releasing new material, I'm perfectly content not hearing anything til then. I'm excited though, can't wait to see what they've done this time around.

holy shinoda this is hard. i got the main picture but really the white lines i have to align?? smh




GOT IT! AHAHAHA-- Wait, what!?!? Only 1/16th done?!

SOLVED IT!!!!!!!!!

So I'm guessing we don't get to hear a snippet of the song even if we do complete the puzzle? Because like everyone else, I'm not hearing anything and the first quadrant is completed and saved.

Anybody know anything about this? :|

confusing & hard ... :D

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