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 that was hard, finally , done.

i finished it and thought i had to use my lp.com log in info and ended up losing the page so i had to start over omg my eyes are tired

total mind f***

Yeaaah, that was difficult but i like it! Cant wait for Burn it down! 

Yeah, its a base64 code of the image, is not a path or url of some jpeg image. Image = 137834 characters encrypted with base64.

I think it is almost impossible to "hack" and find other pieces or some part of the song :p

Miguel Saavedra said:

Checked the source code. All the parts are listed there, the 15 remaining parts (1 to 6 and 8 to 16) have placeholder URLs on their slots, that surely will be replaced once their respective puzzles are posted and solved. The 7th (first) part has a very long URL: 137834 characters! Now that's some cryptic sh*t! lol

why Shinoda why

Its official I made it worse

it it goes on like this I'll never be able to listen to the song xD

took me a little bit. But i got it.

I think you need to register a new account. Happened to me too.

Catie Blacklock said:

FFFFFFUUUUU it's confusing and for some reason when i try to save it, it says there's no account with my email address? can someone help please? thanks 

I finished it!!!!

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