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Shinoda ! you is fucking amazing ! *______* 

Mission accomplished. :)
When do we get to hear the parts of the song ? 

does anyone know a tactic like should you start from the top and go left to right like reading a book?

How exactly do we solve it? Do we have to keep coming back time and time again or do we have to assemble it ourselves?

View page source, do CTRL+F and search "sudo". Find the number then type SUDO SOLVE() in the terminal. Use number as password.

To solve manually, look here for the trick: http://www.missbimbo.com/forum/t111837,1-tutorial-solving-any-kind-...

มันเจ๋งมาก ว๊ากกกก

That's what i got! any other puzzles? >:)


You have to save it while making a new account

Catie Blacklock said:

FFFFFFUUUUU it's confusing and for some reason when i try to save it, it says there's no account with my email address? can someone help please? thanks 

I got It!!! But I forgot to save it, so it's gone ;(

So easy! xD but I know you do it to make us happier! xD ¡One puzzle finish! Waiting for the next...

Yeah!!! Made it!

I hope its like 16 different puzzles... :D

Can't wait to solve the others!!!

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