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so difficult ! lol

Very nice picture. What is it? LOL

It was fun for me :) and not that hard... try and never give up :)

Mike, you are a beast !!!

I think it will be a bigger picture later because of the empty space around it, it looks like it will be in the shape of a head.

linkin park= still brilliant!

That puzzle took me like 4 freakin hours!

for me it took about three or four minutes.

thelastdisciple said:

That puzzle took me like 4 freakin hours!

how to solved it?

I thought the 00:30 pst thing at the top right meant there was gonna be a new puzzle D:

>.< i hate these kind of puzzle

i was used to broke them when i was a kid and i wanna do that right now too!
this is a mean puzzle for people with bad eye's

did it :)

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