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i dont know how you guys made  this it's mad.....

IT'S SO CONFUSING!!! ;( The little white ball piece--there is another piece like it that doesn't belong to the same ball...help.

I hate time zones! I can't go back to the first puzzles ;x ;'( Aaaa ;'( 

So the next piece is online at 4 AM GMT? And i'm not able to solve the first piece?

Wow... i might have 2 w8 until the 16th--NO! I WILL WIN!!

it's chester!!!

i cant save ):
there's always an error message when i press to save )))))))))): 

Hmm Chester for Burn it Down single Art?

Thank you, guys, for keeping our brains working. To be your fan is pretty useful XD

Algeria is here man

Just finished my first puzzle, now there´s another one available but I am not able to start solving it. What do I do?

How did you unlock all the pieces? 

Irvan Septyananda said:

Hmm Chester for Burn it Down single Art?

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