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Mike, it's really sad that i cannot come back to the first piece of puzzle. I havn't done it yet and now i cannot come back ;/

This is killing me....

I've got the second one, but I was a  bit late for the first one, and can't do it anymore. I can't click on it, so I've got an unsolved first puzzle. Can anybody  help me?

F#%$... I was more or less 2 hours trying to solve it... But finally i did it, i feel like awesome hahahahaa!!!!!! Oh crap, that was so difficult!!! 

And i have the same problem that all of you are having... I can't click on the first one, i dunno why!!!! 

Wow Mike, this is so... I don`t know!!! What about the first Puzzle? I had almost ready!

Crap.. I'm so close and I can't make it work... RAGE! :O


It ain't that hard, i believe 10 min will be enough :)

Good one! like it!!!

good one! like it! but difficult

Yes yes ! It's done. :)

very difficult! It's like someone trying to sing Given Up

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