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You can also solve the puzzle by entering the Terminal (Left Bottom Corner - The LP Sign) and type:

sudo solve()

The password which you have to enter is written in the Page Source. For Example:

span class="start-tag">script type="text/javascript">
var sudo = "209401399424474"

The long number is the password. I don't know if the number changes,
cause yesterday there was another number. Enter it and the puzzle
should solve itself.


Btw.: There is a spanish Youtube video which explains it, too.

Just look for "Burn it Down Puzzle".

And me!!

Grannite said:

And me too ! )

Oo_Elena_oO said:

I've got the second one, but I was a  bit late for the first one, and can't do it anymore. I can't click on it, so I've got an unsolved first puzzle. Can anybody  help me?

i did it i did it...i think i'm getting better because i did it faster than i did last night 

Oh, that's really cool!

Irvan Septyananda said:

no, i didn't unlock all of it. it's still 2 pieces. as you can see.. i just edit it.

Sanjana Ramesh said:

How did you unlock all the pieces? 

Irvan Septyananda said:

Hmm Chester for Burn it Down single Art?

I can't start the second one :s

Mike!! This is so hard!  Is puzzle 1 expired or something?  I can't seem to open it or do anything it just shows the unpuzzled picture i cannot move the tiles!  someone PLEASE HELP!!!

I attempted the 1st puzzle yesterday and failed, when I came back today I tried the 2nd and passed. my problems now are that i can't redo the 1st and I have no part of the song :( pls help??

full dificil!!!

Man I spent two freaking hours doing the first puzzle, I logged in with my facebook and nothing happens I just accepted the app in my facebook account then nothing happens!

Now when I try the second one, my first puzzle is just a mess! It's not solved! WTF mike, why mike? WHY?

Do you get a part of the song for every puzzle you complete? I did the first one but it didnt save and just finished the second and have saved it but now i can't do the first one. please help! 

Everyone's first puzzle is my second one. I can't move any pieces of my second puzzle (half of a face, I guess). Please HELP!

It's Iron Man :O

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