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the third piece is up now!

and hello Chester! or IronMan!

same problem with me :( help plz

Sari K said:

that is just so cruel... LP I'm disappointed in you :'( I had no time for the puzzle earlier today and then when I had, I spent an hour to solve the one puzzle I could and then I notice I can't solve the other one ?! 

how fair is that ?! :'(

Third puzzle - done

cuantos rompecabezas van a sacar por dia???? que lastima que me perdi el primero

I did it!!!  Puzzle 3 DONE   :D

Done! :D

1st, 4th, 5th and 8th will be hard as hell since they seem to be just white background.

Does anyone know after you did a puzzle, how long you have to wait to do another one


12 + 04 = 16, which is also the number of panels... that's what you mean?

Edgar Mendoza said:

That's the release day.. but look at it again... closely ;)

Miguel Saavedra said:

Edgar Mendoza said:

Anyone know anything about the time right underneath the blocks??

i solved first and the third, but why i cant open the second one to solve it????

where are the puzzles?

how do you solve the puzzle?

WTF? Just came on to see if there were any more puzzles and the third one was already done! :)

Also what does the time under the map sort of thing mean. Right now it says 05:30 pst. Is that when a new puzzle is put on?

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