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awsome puzzle :D


The next puzzle will come out at 1:30 pst?  or the time on the right side of the page isn't showing it?

i almost had it but anyway, it's great 8D

its very confused

This is very addictive, and the only that is burn it down it's my head!!! Any way... I love thisss!!! :) <3 What will be the life without challenge??? Come on people! This is funniest! :D

I really want to hear the song!

it took me more than one hour and then my pc crashed -.- life is so hard sometimes

ok so theres a new puzzle  but it wont let me try and solve it anyone help ?

oh this bright picture is killing my eyes -.-

i have three puzzles show up but it only let me do two how often can you finish one? and what does the the clock mean? agghh someone tell me 

*Gives up at the last 3 pieces*

... Does this remind you of New Divide anyone...?

what those 05:30 PSTon the upper corner mean??

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