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One-77 said:

I like it, a great photo :)

I like it too. Like a sun coming out of a heart :) And burning everyting that's bad and lighting everything up :)

It's Iron Man Chester :)

It's alot of fun to solve these puzzles, bet it's also frustrating, since I'm not from the US and new puzzle came out at night, I missed it and can't solve it anymore cause it's locked out :( I read about the "cheat" by writing in a password in the terminal, but that ain't fun at all, so I guess I just have to wait and hope that there will be a chance to complete the missed ones.

Can't wait for the new music of course ^.^

So who wants to bet the album is called Burn it Down?

I finished my first puzzle but i can't move on to the others. HELP

nobody. Burn it Down is the sigle.

Matthew White said:

So who wants to bet the album is called Burn it Down?

This is so haaaaard.

How to solve earlier puzzles? ? please help.. I can't even start them solving...

 How can I solve the previous????? 

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