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Cant seem to figure out what to do with the game thing, any help guys 

Basically you gather the triangle thingies to make yourself bigger and once you become bigger you could gather the larger ones. If you hit the larger ones (the red ones), then you lose triangle things, and when you have no triangle things you die.

amy said:

Cant seem to figure out what to do with the game thing, any help guys 

What you need to do is, as soon as you start the game, go straight for the blue group of triangles right below (it only takes one click) then once you collect those, you'll be big enough to gather the group just to the right, then once you get those 2, go down between the two big red clusters before they get too close and you'll see a few more groups to collect.  Once you get those it should be a landslide from there as you'll be able to get a lot more of them.

Has anybody been able to save their completed game?  It tells me it's saved but when I go back later, it makes me start over.

amy said:

Cant seem to figure out what to do with the game thing, any help guys 


Legit 30 second preview! I can't wait for this song to come out!


I see that...

Maria Eloiza Lamin Amaral said:

Couldn't stop from tearing it down

I'm the one who have seen that?

Did it and OMG, I LOVE this song (or what we can hear of it so far).

What you have to do is clic on the opposite direction to where you want to move, this way you accelerate youtself by ejecting a lil triangle. You have to be carefull because everytime you eject a triangle you'll become smaller. You have to touch the triangle bunches that are smaller than you (gray ones) to absorb them and become bigger, and you will loss your triangles and eventually die if you touch the ones bigger than you (red ones). You'll win and get a 30 seconds sample of the song (apparently part of the chorus) after you get big enough.

What am i supposed to do???

Mike this is very difficult and I do not understand

Mike Shinoda keren abis Lah!!!

solved muhahahah! okay so what's next other than the long 2 days wait for the song to be released? oh yeah

burn it down  , 2 days to go

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