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-.- i give up! there is no way to solve it if you can't see whats wrong

I wonder when the next puzzle is coming out.

i finished the puzzle, but where is my unlocked piece of the burn it down song??

Okay, I did the puzzle so it was completed, it told me to sign up, I did that then it gave me a little box to put my email address in, I did that too, confirmed the email and yet no music is that right or wrong ?? I'm confused. Took me an HOURRR

solved it! through paint!

honestly this is a pain in the ass

Awwsssummm as usual guyz

Solved the second piece!! Its like fire on the left and bottom right is the sun

haaaaard :D

If you want tips on how to solve it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpS9jZTvQzs

I'm disappointed at the lack of music clips, however.

Mike, u're a mindfucker. ._.

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