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Shit..., to quase consiguindo XD

does anybody know for what the terminal at the bottom left is when you klick the LP sign?

I'm logged in, but if I go to LP.com and back to that page, it's gone...

strange..... for me it worked for everyone who wants to see the solved pic i made it my profile picture.... still dont know for what the terminal is....

Don't know what it is for either. Hm, did something happen when you solved it?

not at all just gave me a message that i need to log in so i can save it.... maybe we will get more puzzles on these fields and if you have like 3 in a row you get a code for the terminal or something like that

Oh, so when it asked you to log in, it automatically saved? Bah, don't know why it doesn't work here D:

i finished and nothing happened >./p>

I solved it within minutes. First one to do it in the LPAssociation community :D http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b118/edflinkinp/scr000008.jpg

Can't wait for the rest!

ah if you wanna see whats happening someone from lpa just solved it and took screenshots go to http://www.lpassociation.com/ to see whats happening

Press "Prt Scr", otherwise known as "Print Screen" on your keyboard to take a picture of your whole computer screen. Then go to Paint to PASTE the screenshot there and save it. Upload the picture anywhere and post the link here.


Sorry I couldn't solve it, Im Effing Stupid... Es Stupido. :D

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