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don't tell me that I have to solve 16 puzzles ...... 


that's my death, I think I'll wait for the single to come out and the following surprise.

just solved it...want to solve another....

got 2 puzzles so far.. now wait for the new one :< 


without solving these 2 pieces, I'd say it looks like a great close-up of an iris with white pupil:) Anyway, that was the first thing in my mind when I saw it. However a solved one (2 pieces only) looks like human upper body with a hole in the chest. Can anyone else see it?

here is the second pieces :)

you lost me....ill just wait....future reference id just play a sample of the track and get rid of the puzzles and riddles....we arent trying to be the next genius

Got the 2nd one too. It was actually easier this time :)

It is easy to figure out where to put the pieces but I am too lazy to think how to get them there...

I am new, how can I do the puzzle and where is it?


burn it down 

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