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No, it's the same. :)

i feel really stupid but....... how do u get to the puzzles?!?

The puzzles are no more. Now it's a new game you have to play in order to go to the next step. Just go to linkinpark.com and it will take you to the game. But it's best if you use Google Chrome to play it.

how do u get to the puzzle?????


well crap i already beat the game it was easy. i never got a chance to beat the puzzles


The puzzles only unveiled the art work for the "Burn it Down" cover, so you didn't really miss anything. ;)

I beat that puzzle... it was very easy)))

i realy dont get it....I give up :(

Don't give up. Try again and you complete this puzzle:)

Take you time...it takes a mun but I have beat it 5either times in a row and once you get the hang of it it will be smooth sailing...I will say one thing...its a pain in the ass to do it in a cell phone lol.

Im doing my best by I dont have patience any more with this :/

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