I wanted to make a list of all the original (no live songs, no remixes, no collaborations like Encore, no demos that were latered developed into studio releases - Esaul, Stick N' Move, etc.) non-instrumental demos and B-sides, but I'm sure I don't have them all. I was hoping people could help fill in the gap in songs I'm missing so ultimate I could have more songs to enjoy, but also I will reedit this list if someone gives me new song names so anyone who doesn't have any clue about Linkin Park outside of there four (soon to be five) studio releases could start.


Across The Line

And One






High Voltage

I Have Not Begun

My December

New Divide

No Roads Left

Not Alone

Pretend To Be

Part Of Me


Reading My Eyes

She Couldn’t


Step Up

What We Don’t Know

Tags: Across, Alone, And, B-side, B-sides, Be, Blackbirds, Blue, Carousel, Couldn’t, More…December, Dedicated, Demo, Demos, Divide, Don’t, Eyes, Fuse, High, Know, Left, Line, Me, My, New, No, Not, Of, One, Part, Pretend, Qwerty, Reading, Roads, She, Slip, Step, The, To, Up, Voltage, We, What

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You forgot one: I Have Not Begun

Bowserpoop said:

You forgot one: I Have Not Begun

Thanks! =)

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